Coach Gary Reese

Gary Reese, Head Coach of Chino Aquatic Masters Club has been dedicated to the sport of swimming for approximately ten years as coach for San Dimas Aquatics, Gemini Aquatics, ML San Antonio College Women's Swimming, Pasadena City College Men's and Women's Swimming and currently, Chino Valley Aquatics and Chino Aquatic Masters. He has one of the fastest growing and enthusiastic teams in Southern California. In the year and a half that the team has been in existence, it has grown from an initial membership of 12 swimmers to a membership of 36, ranging in ages from 19 to 60. In the last four Regional Championships, Gary's team has consistently placed in the top 12 from afield over 60 teams. In October of 1995, Gary motivated his team to host the first Chino Cow Country Invitational where three world records were established. His team is planning to host the Superswim Classic for the Leukemia Society of America soon. Gary's ability to balance his personal life with his professional life has been extremely challenging. He has been a full-time student at Cal State Fullerton completing his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology while coaching Age Group and Master's Swimining. Yet despite his busy schedule, he always makes himself available to his swimmers. Gary can best be described in the words of his devoted swimmers:

  • "He is a salesman for the sport he loves. He stresses the idea of achievement with enjoyment and the attitude that winning is not the ultimate achievement, it's the process of trying that is."
  • "We believe that Gary is deserving of this award because of his selfless devotion to the team and Masters swimming. He is modest about his contributions, he simply believes in what he is doing."
  • "Gary is a unique and highly talented individual. Through his insight of the competitive spirt"'
  • "Gary has demonstrated remarkable versatility and the ability to inspire the highest levels of perfomance from those he guides."
  • "Gary is an outstanding Coach who with encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm, has brought swimming into the lives of many."
  • "My life, fitness level, physique, and attitude have all been immeasurably changed by the Masters Swimming, and for that Iwill always be truly grateful to a great coach, Gary Reese."

    Gary has expressed that he would like to become more deeply involved with USMS and SPMA He hopes to promote Masters Swimming nationwide through education and positive marketing, stressing the long term health benefits, competition, and camaraderie that swimming has to offer. SPMA joins the Chino Aquatic Masters in saluting Gary Reese and in thanking him for his devotion and enthusiasm on the pool deck and behind the scenes. Congratulations Gary on being selected SPMA's Coach of the Year and keep up the good work!

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