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The 28th annual Caltech Pentathlon meet was held on March 10 under sunny, warm skies.There were 153 swimmers who entered the meet, competing in a 50 yard swim of each stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) and the 100 individual medley.†† Total times were added together to determine the winner.The competitors came from all over Southern California, San Diego to Santa Maria, as well as Las Vegas.†† This year's nice weather and increased attendance made this meet especially enjoyable for all participants.


For the men, the 40-44 year old age group was particularly competitive, with 22 entrants vying for the top three spots.††††††††††††††† Two men from Ventura Masters, Don Smith and Bryant Lum, along with Paul Carter from SCAQ, set the pace with the top three fastest cumulative times for the meet.†† Smith (40) had the fastest time in the 50 breast, 28.10, and 100 IM, 56.72, and beat out Lum (40) by 0. 75 seconds to win the first place award.†† Lum finished second and Carter (44) finished third, 1.01 seconds behind Lum.The fastest time in the 50 fly went to Adam Conway, swimming a 23.95 and pacing him to a first place finish in the menís 19-24 age group.Dan Wegner of SCAQ had the fastest 50 free time, 22.12, and the fastest 50 back time, 26.25, in route to a first place finish in the menís 30-34 age group.


In the menís 50-54 age group, there was a very tight battle between Peter Oíkeefe of SCAQ and Peter Wisner of Hawaii Masters.Oíkeefe (51) won three races and Wisner (54) won two, but Wisnerís cumulative time was 0.09 seconds fasters, thus giving him the first place award.In another close age group, Al Craig (74) of New England Masters beat out Stan McConnell (70) of Huntington Beach by 0.90 seconds to win the menís 70-74 age group.††† Teammates Jeff Farrell (65) Frank Piemme (77) of Ojai-Santa Barbara, and teammates Louis Giberson (81) and Woody Bowersock (89) of Coast Masters, each won all five of their events took top honors in their respective age groups.


The womenís events were dominated by the youngsters in the 19-24 age group.Keiko Price (23) of West Hollywood had the fastest times in all five events:50 fly, 26.87; 50 back, 29.80; 50 breast 31.84; 50 free, 24.31; 100 IM, 1:03.91.†† Placing second overall and second in the 19-24 age group was Rori Renee Rangel (24) of the RAYS swim club.†† Liz Hawes (26) of UCSB was third overall and first in the 25-29 age group.†† The following women each won all five of their races and took top honors in their age group:Kristen Powell (34) of Southwest Masters, Lois Goodman (55) of Ojai-Santa Barbara, Dionne Caldwell (69) of NOVA, Gay Collins (71) of Ojai-Santa Barbara, Grace Altus (78) of Ojai-Santa Barbara, and Maurine Kornfeld (80) of Coast Masters.



Age Group Winners:


19-24:††††††††††† Keiko Price, WH20††† ††††††††††† Adam Conway, SDSM

25-29:††††††††††† Liz Hawes, UCSB ††††††††††† Tory Dober, UCI

30-34:††††††††††† Kristen Powell, SWM††††††††††† Dan Wegner, SCAQ

35-39:††††††††††† Janet Coover, SDSM ††††††††††† Bert Bergen, NOVA

40-44:††††††††††† Kayley Vernallis, CPM††††††††††† Don Smith, VCM

45-49:††††††††††† Morri Kleine-Spang, WH20John Templin, UCI

50-54:††††††††††† Mimi Frank, SLUG†† ††††††††††† Peter Wisner, HIMA

55-59:††††††††††† Lois Goodman, OSB†† Paulo Figueiredo, WH20

60-64:††††††††††† Lynne Lund, SDSM††† ††††††††††† Mike Freshley, SDSM

65-69:††††††††††† Dionne Caldwell, NOVA Jeff Farrell, OSB

70-74:††††††††††† Gay Collins, OSB††† ††††††††††† Al Craig, NEW

75-79:††††††††††† Grace Altus, OSB†††††† ††††††††††† Frank Piemme, OSB

80-84:††††††††††† Maurine Kornfield, CM††††† Louis Giberson, CM

85-89:††††††††††† ---††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Woody Bowersock, CM

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