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Why Be Certified?

Certification means that you are serious about your profession. It means that you care about your continuing coaching education and your professional preparation. It marks you as a coach who is in the mainstream of the coaching profession, and willing to be examined in the same light as the great coaches of this country, be they in collegiate, high school, YMCA or club positions. Employers know that the Certified Coach is committed to professional effort, has professional preparation and professional ethics.

In addition, compensation information and access to professionally evaluated positions are available to Certified Coaches. Certification gives you a title you deserve... “Coach John Doe, ASCA Level 3, Masters.”

Certification also states your credentials precisely and concisely. If you are well educated, but do not yet have the time in service or the opportunity to work with better athletes, it says so. As you gain experience, and then gain the opportunity and are successful in actually producing fast swimming with your athletes, it reflects that. This precision is very important and valuable to those who employ swimming coaches... and hence, it protects you from unfair comparisons with others who write “creative resumes” to apply for jobs. ASCA Certification provides factual information on you to your potential employer.

There are three things analyzed in the Certification process. They are: Education, Experience and Achievement. Your Certification shows that you have met the required standard at each Level. The Five Levels become increasingly more difficult. Level 5 is composed of the top 2-5% of coaches in the USA. Level 4 is the top 5-8% and Level 3 is the upper 15% of coaches. Level 2 requires more “units” of education and experience than Level 1.

How To Be Certified?

There are three steps:

#1. Be a member of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Complete a membership application form and mail to ASCA with payment for annual investment. Be sure to down load the Masters Certification form at http://www.macacoach.org/ascamasterscertification.pdf. IMPORTANT, do not down load the US Age group or other certification forms.

#2. Complete a Certification Application in full and mail to ASCA.

#3. Take the required Certification Schools. First, Level 1 - The Foundations of Coaching; next, Level 2 - The Stroke School; for Level 3 - The Physiology School; for Level 4 - The Administration School and for Level 5 - The Leadership School. Each school is available either at clinics or through home study. Level 1 Test can now be taken online at Level 1 Test http://www.swimmingcoach.org/Learning_Center/Level1-Introduction.htm

Send the original test(s) to ASCA at 2101 N Andrews Ave #107, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311. They will be corrected, and if acceptable, your Certification application will be processed and you will receive a new membership card with your Certification number, Level and Type. You will also receive feedback on each of your tests and will be notified of the number of units of education added to your permanent Certification Record. If you wish, you may try to “test out” of any requirements.

The USMS Coaches Committee promotes Masters Swimming from an organizational standpoint in the conduct of Masters swimming workouts and by providing leadership and personnel for approved programs and projects at national championship meets. It also serves the purposes of communication, education and recognition among Masters coaches and between coaches and Masters swimmers.

MACA Web site

Masters Aquatic Coaches Association (MACA) Website! MACA is a service organization based on the following central theme: Communication - Education - Professionalism - Promotion- MACA provides leadership to Masters swim coaches at all levels. MACA members are dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the profession of Masters coaching.

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