SPMA has a video library available for use by our members. There is a $7 charge for one tape or DVD, $10 for two, or $12 for three. This covers the cost of the box or envelope and mailing both ways. Tapes must be brought to the post office for return due to USPS security requirements. We also need a separate check for $50 per tape that will be held as a deposit until the tape(s) are returned. This check will not be cashed unless the tapes are not returned. The rental period is one month. Give the SPMA office a call, and we’ll discuss which videos would best fit your needs. Please include alternates with your request, or note that you would prefer to wait if the videos you request are out on loan. Titles available for rental include:

DVD format:

VHS format:

Send your requests to the SPMA Office or conact us additional information:

Julie Heather
Southern Pacific Masters Swimming
957 N El Molino Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104
626-296-1841 (phone/fax)
Send e-mail to Julie Heather